English Ballet



小さな子どもの脳は、大人の脳に比べてスポンジのようにものすごい速さで物事を吸収するといわれています。 大好きなバレエを学びながら自然と英語も取得することができ、外国人のお友達とコミュニケーションをとる事により協調性も身に着けることができます。

将来、バレエで留学を考えているお子様、国によってはバレエのレベルだけでなく英語の試験のスコアを求められることもあります。 今後のグローバル化社会を見据えれば、将来英会話能力があって困ることはありません スタジオマーティでは、難しい英語を使うのではなく身体のパーツやカウント等を英語で数えることから始め、子供のレベルに合わせて言語を使い分けてレッスンをしています。



You can learn ballet of foreign culture in English.
We can further expand the possibilities of English into the future path.

It is said that the brain of a small child absorbs things as quickly as a sponge compared to the brain of an adult.
You can acquire English naturally while learning your favorite ballet, and you can also acquire cooperation by communicating with foreign friends.

In the future, depending on the children and countries planning to study abroad in ballet, not only the ballet level but also the English test score may be required. Looking at the globalized society in the future, there is no problem with English conversation ability in the future Studio Marty starts from counting body parts and counts in English instead of using difficult English, and according to the level of the child I use different languages to give lessons.

The studio also invites guest lecturers from various countries such as England, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and Russia.
You have the opportunity to take lessons in various languages, not just English.
Through ballet, I would like to have an interest in various countries and create opportunities to experience foreign cultures.

Children will naturally become accustomed to the English lesson environment, so feel free to take an English class.