Year-round program for growth
























 バレエ公演鑑賞会や新国立劇場バレエ団、Kバレエカンパニー 他、こどものための舞台鑑賞の機会を積極的に設けております。

 バレエ・ダンスの専門会社のマーティだからこそ、スタジオには、バレエ情報やダンス情報があふれています。 所属講師の公演情報・特別クラスやワークショップ情報をいち早く配信し、 通常レッスンだけでなく、色々なイベントや舞台企画を通じて、バレエの事を学べる環境を整えています。先生や ご両親様と一緒に実際にバレエ公演を見に行き、バレエに接する機会を多く設けています。


年間行事の例 ※発表会の開催時期などによって少しずつ異なります。

4月   お友達とバレエ体験会 

5月   ミュージカル鑑賞

6月   親子バレエ体験会 

7月   スタジオパフォーマンス(発表会練習の途中経過) 

8月   夏期講習会/バレエ鑑賞会 

9月   スクール発表会(夏休み前後7月~9月)

10月  クラス進級/ハロウィンレッスン 

11月  親子バレエ体験会

12月  クリスマス会 

1月   冬期講習会 

2月   コンクール見学会

3月   ガラコンサート出演






 For a child's growth, 1 minute 1 second, 1 degree experience is very important. We have prepared opportunities for you to experience gradual growth throughout the year.

· Regular visits and tours 

・Parent-participation type event

· A presentation created with friends

・ A place to present results, not just a presentation

In addition, there are spring trial sessions, GW/summer ballet performance appreciation events, autumn advancement, competition participation and tours, Halloween, Christmas parties, studio performances, etc.

 We are aiming for a program that allows children to feel the growth of children throughout the year, such as participating in local festivals and events. (Varies by classroom and facility.)


  I try to make sure that parents and children can check how their children are doing and how they are doing.

ーExamples of annual eventsー


① "Parents Visitor"

  We have prepared opportunities for parents to see their children dancing at regular lessons other than at recitals.

  Parents can watch how their children are growing up through ballet lessons, which of course is fun for parents. It's been a precious time.

You can check your child's growth at the visitor's meeting, and use it for preparation and review at home, so you can encourage your child's growth at home.


 ② "Parent-child ballet experience"

 Ballet experience for parents and children" was started to let parents know the fun of ballet.

  You can find out what the children are actually learning, and it will become one of your family's conversations at home. Parents and children can talk empathetically about their child's favorite things, which is irreplaceable. Parents can also learn about ballet and enjoy ballet with their children. It is recommended not only for children, but also for parents and guardians as a hobby that can be enjoyed by parents and children.


 ③ "Stage Appreciation Party"

 We actively provide opportunities for children to appreciate stage performances, such as ballet performance appreciation parties, the New National Theater Ballet Company, and the K Ballet Company.


 Because Marty is a company specializing in ballet and dance, the studio is overflowing with ballet and dance information. We will quickly deliver information on performances, special classes and workshops of our instructors, and create an environment where you can learn about ballet not only through regular lessons but also through various events and stage planning. We have many opportunities to come into contact with ballet by actually going to see ballet performances with the teacher and her parents.