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① Holding online lessons for kids and juniors

 Marty always holds online lessons for kids and juniors.

If you are attending a ballet school, you can use it to prepare for and review your usual lessons, and to overcome weak movements.


 ②For the first ballet◎

 If you are worried about starting ballet in earnest, or if you are worried about face-to-face trial lessons, why not try ballet online first? After learning the fun of ballet lessons through online lessons, you can improve your speed by making good use of face-to-face lessons and online lessons.


③High-level lecturers

 Our instructors are professional ballet dancers in Japan and overseas, instructors who have studied abroad and worked in ballet companies, instructors who have a wealth of teaching experience both online and face-to-face, and instructors who have qualifications and specialized knowledge .

The biggest attraction of online is that you can connect with anyone from anywhere, even if you are overseas, or even if you are overseas.


 ④ 30 minutes ~, OK from a single session!

 From group lessons to private lessons, we accept lessons that you need from a single lesson.

 We offer a wide range of lesson times, from 30 minutes to 75 minutes. You can also take classes when you have a little gap time ◎

 Please feel free to make a reservation.


 ⑤ Low-cost, wallet-friendly online lessons

 Prices range from ¥500 for 30 minutes to ¥1400 for 75 minutes, which is easy on the wallet. There is no periodical binding at all. You can take classes when you want, when you want, and as often as you like, and you can learn without waste.


 ⑥ Only 3 items are required!

 You can take classes anywhere as long as you have a computer, internet environment, and enough space for bar lessons and stretching.

 Now that it's convenient, it's OK to switch to online when you can't pick up and drop off at the studio, or during temporary holidays. Even if you can't go to the studio, you won't choose to quit ballet, and you will be able to continue your favorite ballet.


 ⑦ Fun for the whole family

 There are plenty of programs such as adult ballet classes, Pilates, yoga, gyrokinesis that not only children but also parents can enjoy!

 We have set various lesson times such as morning, noon, and night so that people of all ages can enjoy it. The whole family can enjoy ballet.


 ⑧ Comprehensiveness comparable to face-to-face

 We don't make the lessons unsatisfactory just because they are online, we try to make them more realistic.

 If you have any questions, the instructor will have time to answer them before and after the lesson.